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WOODBIRD SS19 Postboy Collection

WOODBIRD is established in 2010 where they organised a vision of re-interpreting classic styles by combining Danish aesthetic with Scandinavian craftmanship. WOODBIRD’s aesthetics are found in the culture based on their appeal to their senses. They make a combination of cultural contexts, the art and modern society in Denmark.|

WOODBIRD believes in creating their very own modest way of style.

“all outcome is based on instincts”


WOODBIRD's new collection for spring summer 2019 is all about formal fashion. They let us know that this subject rarely changes and that it is almost the same from season to season. The way of never challenging this style and making it your own by other brands is something WOODBIRD will tackle this season.

For them there are four things you have to know of formal expression. These are Shape, appearance, cut and style. Together they reinterpreted it to their “own way” that would fit in their own brand without losing the counterpart WOODBIRD is to formal fashion.

The name postboy is based on the youth and the power of them. They see influencers from 2019 as the global game changers thanks to their big influence on their followers and everyone around them by simply posting one picture or one opinion. Postboy is a story of the young boys joining the grown-up world in post era’s where the suit really mattered to gain social status.

Thanks to today’s fashion styles like streetwear, sportswear etc, formal looks get easily forgotten in every occasion but still not in tradition. The status is gained by other means than a suit and this is something what WOODBIRD implemented in their new collection

Postboy is there for a respectful nod and tribute to the formal look, made to this era of fashion. It is reshaped and rethought within The design DNA from WOODBIRD. With implemented humour stated between the lines and based on their instincts, this is WOODBIRD’s way of expressing formal for SS19

Are you curious for the upcoming SS19 Postboy collection from WOODBIRD?
You can find it here!

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